Rovan 29cc 4-Bolt Motor Engine
Rovan 29cc 4-Bolt Motor Engine

Rovan 29cc 4-Bolt Motor Engine

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Rovan 29cc 4-Bolt Motor Engine
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NEW ROVAN 1/5 Scale 29cc 4 Bolt 2 stroke RC Engine

  • 7000 RPM clutch installed
  • Rofun (Walbro clone) Carburetor (Idle screw, low/high needle adjustments with choke)
  • Powerful 29cc air cooled 4 bolt head, two stroke motor (over 3.5HP)
  • High flow enlarged intake and exhaust ports makes this a powerhouse at a really great price.
  • Runs on regular pump gas with 25/1 two stroke oil, gas mix
  • Ready to bolt right in
  • Comes just like you see in the pictures

Fits HPI Baja 5B, Rovan Sport 1/5 Buggies, King Motor 1/5 Buggies, Can also be used for LOSI 5iveT, Redcat, FG and most other 1/5 scale vehicles. GoPeds etc... may need some modifications

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