1/5 Scale 360 BLT
1/5 Scale 360 BLT 'HYBRID' 36cc Ready To Run 2WD Short Course Truck RTR

1/5 Scale 360 BLT "HYBRID" 36cc Ready To Run 2WD Short Course Truck RTR

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New Rovan RTR 36cc BLT "HYBRID" (Uses Baja and LOSI Platforms)
Part Number: RV360BLT-08
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New Rovan RTR 36cc BLT "HYBRID" (Uses Baja and LOSI Platforms)

This long awaited vehicle is finally here!  It combines the proven HPI Baja (Rovan Baja) rear wheel drive engine/transmission set up installed in the great LOSI 5IVE-T Platform (Rovan LT). This 2WD set up performs extremally well in the wider and longer LT trucks platform. Big shocks, stronger components and great weight distribution makes this a awesome 1/5 scale RC Truck!  It's a real blast to drive and many hop up parts for the Baja and LOSI platforms already exist that you can use on this truck but honestly it's a beast right out for the box!

This Truck is Huge at 38 inches long 20 inched wide and 13 inches tall and weights 35.5 pounds!
Can reach speeds close to 40 mph right out of the box.
It gives you the feel of racing the real thing.
This is a very strong truck that can really take a beating!

 Features Include:
  • Upgraded 36cc Dual Ring 2 Stroke Gas Engine Features an electronic ignition, easy to adjust Walbro carburetor with a built-in choke with easy pull start.
  • High Performance Tuned Pipe with silencer
  • Heavy Duty CNC 5mm thick aluminum frame 
  • Strong PC Body panels and built in roll cage(same as Rovan LT trucks)
  • Strong Short Course Style Front and Rear bumpers with rubber mud flaps (same as Rovan LT trucks)
  • Baja all metal 3 gear transmission with aluminum oil filled differential
  • 17/57 gearing with HD vented clutch bell 6mm hex lock nut (plastic 57 tooth spur gear)
  • 1/4 scale size 60KG RS-2160D Digital all metal gear steering and throttle/brake servo with Billet Servo Horns
  • High Performance 8000 RPM Clutch
  • 185x70 Huge Knobby off road wheel set with HD 5 spoke bead lock rims with inner metal 24mm hex
  • Fly-Sky GT-3B 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter computer radio with automatic frequency hopping digital system, 10 model memory, servo reversing, end point adjustment (EPA) , dual rate, exponential, auto brake system (ABS), model name etc.. No need to worry about having the same signal as someone else. Built in failsafe just in case you go out of range.
  • 6V 4500 mAh NIMH Rechargeable battery
  • HD Billet front and rear shock towers wit adjustment holes
  • HD Billet front chassis brace
  • HD Billet front upper steering brace
  • HD Billet front and rear bulk heads
  • HD Billet front and rear hinge pin holders
  • HD Billet engine mounts
  • HD Billet rear upper chassis plate and brake holder
  • HD Billet throttle/brake servo mount
  • Aluminum clutch brace
  • CNC aluminum large-bore high volume oil filled shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • Large 800cc gas/oil tank for long runtimes (over 30 to 40 minutes).
  • 2 Stage Foam air filter element set (Baja style)
  • Full ball bearings thought the entire drive train
     Needed to Run: 
  • 8 AA batteries for controller 
  • 2 stroke gas/oil mix (25/1 ratio)
That's it! Everything else included!

Free shipping in the Continental USA.

General tools included
  • Spark plug wrench, wheel wrench, allen wrench (5pcs), cross wrench, mixed fuel ratio can, USB charger, air filter foam element set, English instruction manual.

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