Rovan Rear 1/5 Baja Truck Knobby Wheels
Rovan Rear 1/5 Baja Truck Knobby Wheels

Rovan Rear 1/5 Baja Truck Knobby Wheels

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Rovan Baja Truck Knobby Rear Wheels & Tires
Color: Black
MPN: RV30r

  • NEW ROVAN SPORT Rear Truck Knobby Tires/Rims
  • Very aggressive turf ripping tread pattern with deep knobbys that last a long time.
  • Size in MM is 195X80.
  • Rear Tires are 7 1/2 inches tall x 3 1/8 inches wide.
  • This is a set 2 rear wheels with foams and tires brand new ready to bolt right on.
  • Fits HPI Baja 5T Fits Rovan Sport Terminator
  • Fits King Motor T1000
  • Can also be used on the HPI 5b or other buggies with 24mm hex. If you want more ground clearance on your buggy these are the ones you want.
  • These come mounted on new style six spoke rims with heavy duty bead-locks and metal inner hex brace. Blue foams installed, ready to bolt right on!

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