Introducing the new, improved Rovan on-road gas 36cc Porsche-style car. This new version features lots of improvements in the steering system, body design, rim design, bumper, radio system, and more!
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Lower Suspension & Sharper Design
Lowered Sport-Tuned Suspension for better handling
New on-road rim design with racing slick tires and a brand new body mold keep things looking sharper than ever

New High-Speed Gear Ratio
Super-high-speed 26/48 hardened steel transmission gears for speeds of 50+ mph out of the box

More responsive steering system

Brand new symmetrical steering system allows for improved control

Improved Transmitter
New transmitter model with added features such as Auto Braking, Frequency Hopping and Steering and Throttle Curves

Easy truck conversion
Compatible with 1/5 scale Baja parts from Rovan, King Motor and HPI
Easy truck conversion requires only wheels, shocks, bumper and body

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