We've revamped our website with a bunch of new features and functionality that we hope will make your time here a lot more pleasant. This includes lots of features that should make finding what you're looking for faster and easier. Checking out should be a lot smoother as well. Read on for the full details on the changes and new features.

Important Note:
User accounts didn't carry over from the old site. You'll need to sign up for a new account, even if you had an account before.

Finding What You're Looking For

We've changed a lot of things on our site that we're hoping will make navigating and finding what you want easier. First, browsing by category should by a much faster and simpler experience than in the past. The major categories and subcategories are organized in a way that we feel is easier to follow than in the past. On top of that, there's the option at the top of the page to Browse By Vehicle Platform so that you can look through only parts that fit your particular vehicle.

When browsing by category it's now possible to filter the results by different attributes, such as color, material and compatible vehicle platform so that you can narrow things down to only what you can use.

When using the search bar on a computer or tablet, the site will make recommendations as you type, making getting to that vehicle or part you want even faster. No matter what device your search on, you'll be able to filter down the search results based on price and category.


Our new checkout process is faster, easier and smoother than before. Once your order is confirmed managing your orders is simple. You can review your orders, request returns, contact customer service, view your wish lists, view waiting list items, check your store credit, and even reorder old orders all from one place.

We mentioned wish lists and waiting lists, so let's talk about those. Adding an item to a wish list allows you to save it for later. You can also make your wish lists public and share them with friends and family to give them ideas for that perfect gift for you.

When a product is out of stock you can choose to be added to the waiting list for that product. If you're on the waiting list, you'll be notified as soon as a product is restocked so you can get it as soon as possible.

Customer Service and Returns

Customer service inquiries are also much easier now. You can contact customer service, view your order history and request returns quickly, all from your account dashboard. No need to deal with direct email messages or phone calls if you don't want to (though you still can if that's your preference).

To put in a customer service request simply go to your account and click on Add Request. You can also click Contact Us at the top of the page. You'll be taken to a form that allows your to send a message to customer service and even attach files like pictures if you need to. You can see replies from customer service and reply yourself right from your account manager (you'll receive emails as well).

To open up a return or exchange request (RMA) open the order with the product you'd like to return or exchange. Towards the bottom of the order will be an Add New RMA button. Click it, then fill out the form and click Save RMA to put in the request.

There may be times where refunds are issued in store credit. You can check the total amount of store credit you have at the bottom of your account page. Whenever you checkout, store credit will always be deducted before any actual charges to your card. If you have enough store credit to cover the full cost of the transaction you won't need to put in any payment details, just click Proceed to Checkout from your cart.

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