1/5 Rovan Dual Spring Performance Metal Clutch Fits HPI Baja 5B 5T Losi 5IVE-T +
Product ID : RV85281
7000 RPM High Performance Clutch Kit
Product is out of stock
1/5 Scale Dual Spring Clutch Springs - Set of 2
Product ID : RV670620-1
Replacement Springs for Rovan Dual Spring Clutch (Clutch sold separately...
17 Tooth Hex Style Baja Pinion Gear
Product ID : RV65125
Rovan 17 Tooth Pinion Gear Fits Rovan HD Hex Style Clutch bells
17 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear (Stock HPI Baja Style
Product ID : rv65022
Replacement Stock 17 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear.
Fits HPI Baja, kIng Motor...
19 Tooth HEX Style Baja Pinion Gear
Product ID : RV65129
19 Tooth Pinion Gear
48 tooth Steel Differential Gear
Product ID : RV65020
Rovan Steel 48 tooth differential gear
4WD LT Short Course Truck and SLT Buggy and LOSI 5IVE-T 2 Speed Transmission Gear Kit
Product ID : RV87085
4WD LT Short Course Truck and SLT Buggy and LOSI 5IVE-T 2 Speed Transmission...
57 Tooth Plastic Spur Gear and Holder
Product ID : rv85033

This is the stock plastic 57 tooth spur gear to replace the one found in...

6000 RPM Clutch Kit
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Product ID : rv10
NEW ROVAN SPORT 6000 RPM Clutch Kit! This is a great clutch for smooth...
8000 RPM Clutch Kit
Product ID : rv85090
NEW ROVAN SPORT 8000 RPM Clutch Kit This Is a Great clutch for Fast launches...
9mm Drive Shafts
Product ID : rv13
NEW ROVAN 9MM Drive shafts! Heavy duty shinny steel 9mm thick! With...
Baja 19/55 Tooth High Speed Spur Gear Set
Product ID : rv95068
This is a strong steel 19 tooth pinion and 55 tooth spur gear kit fits most...